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tv   CBS4 News at 6  CBS  December 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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reported seeing strange behavior involving forbes and a female student. area churches reaching out to help the homeless as winter approaches. near park avenue and broadway to clean up that area. a lot of viewers say this homeless problem does seem to be getting worse in the metro area. new at 6:00, a new proposal. rick sallinger checking in. you've learned churches want to be involved >> reporter: l jim, a coalition of groups called asap is asking churches, temples and mosques to take in the homeless and let them camp out on their land. but in this neighborhood at least, there is concern that showing compassion may also bring crime. the homeless have pretty much left this home at broadway and lawrence, at least for now. the question has become: move along to where?
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human dignity. >> reporter: reverend amanda henderson heads the interfaith alliance of colorado, part of a coalition asking churches to take in the homeless, inside and out. >> land that people can camp on or designate yurts or space that people can exist in public. >> reporter: the first menonnite church in denver is one of those considering the proposal. there would be a maximum of 8 homeless people the congregation, coalition and neighbors. >> my feeling is this is an opportunity for the church to move and help the homeless situation -- crisis in denver. >> reporter: but here, there is much opposition, especially so close to schools. theresa heads a neighborhood watch and sees problems related to the homeless. >> stealing bikes, breaking and entering into homes.
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minor by a homeless man and attempted murder. >> reporter: one resident's security camera recorded drug use, bicycle thefts and other crimes they attribute to the homeless. the so-called sweeps may have moved them from here, but to where has become a more difficult task. last night there was a meeting of members of this congregation, the neighborhood and the coalition. but the matter remains unresolved. a live at 8th and speer, rick sallinger, cbs4 news. the latest on the deaths of a mother and her two sons. jennifer, ethan and adam laber all found dead in the family van yesterday. the mother bought a handgun just an hour before she took the kids out of school.
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to the -- these tragic deaths. we also spoke with a spokes person for the kids' preschool who says jennifer laber was a devoted mother who was engaged in her kids' lives and an active volunteer. autopsies performed today show the 38 year old mother jennifer laber died from a single gunshot wound that appears to be self-inflied gunshot wounds. authorities are not ready to say it was a murder-suicide. >> i certainly know my staff is being very involved in mourning the loss and we too like law enforcement have professionals involved. but i think it hits us as hard as it does any other citizen. >> reporter: someone spotted the family minivan yesterday
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sports authority store. officers found a glock 9- millimeter gun in the van. she purchased that gun around 12:30 tuesday afternoon, just an hour before she picked her kids up early and went missing with them. authorities say during this time of year, anyone needing help should reach out for it. >> anyone who is experiencing holiday stress to look for avenues and help, whether it's a close friend, family member, professional services. sometimes have resources to help these folks because i think we can all agree these times can be trying. >> reporter: investigators right now are waiting on the results of toxicology tests that were done on the mother and her two sons. they say that could take several weeks. we're live in lone tree, melissa garcia. happening now, law enforcement in colorado, determined to make more drivers aware of our state's move-over
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every year several first responders are killed or seriously injured because drivers don't move over. that was the case last year when trooper cody donahue was hit and killed by a truck on i- 25 in castle rock. officers say they have close calls nearly every day. >> a lot of people don't know the law is in existence and the ones that do just can't be bothered to switch a lane. get the word out for the people that don't ow ones that it's too inconvenient for them, it can cause somebody their life. >> dozens of drivers have been stopped so far, many of them ticketed for not moving over. trooper donahue's family released a statement saying if you see emergency personnel on the side of the road, please slow down and move over. two little girls are going to grow up without their daddy and there's no good reason.
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mountain. copter 4 showing us the raging flames on monday evening. hundreds of homes were evacuated but none damaged. cbs4's dillon thomas live in lakewood tonight. that wasn't the only fire on green mountain in november. >> reporter: last month was one of the driest novembers on record here in colorado. trails like this here on green mountain are completely surrounded by all this dry gras setting fire to this grass and it's time to end that. for fire marshall bruce crowell, a series of fires on green mountain are now more connected than first thought. >> we've eliminated all the natural causes which leads us to believe there's human behavior involved. >> reporter: 5 fires just in the month of november, three happened in the same week. >> i'd say every 5 years or so it wouldn't be unusual to have
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in a month is. >> reporter: almost 500 residents were evacuated from their homes. some even hosing their houses down with water as a last- minute precaution. >> i assumed somebody was back this smoking or something. >> reporter: tamme meyer says she's shocked to hear the fires may have been intentional. >> my life, my dog's life, you can always replace a house. but i can't even imagine something like that happening. >> reporter: which is why authorities say finding a suspect is a top priority. >> turn yourself in. let us know who you are. let us know how we can help you stop this behavior. >> reporter: we were told tonight residents who have been evacuated will be meeting with fire officials to discuss what's been going on. authorities will be stepping up patrols around green mountain.
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dropping. some of us could see no flurries by tomorrow. up near copper mountain, there's the view along i-70. our crew in the mobile weather lab just sent this video. there's meteorologist chris spears outside the lab now on vail pass. getting fresh snow. >> reporter: good news. we need this. our snow pack well below where it should be for this time of snow-packed in places. it is snow packed and behind me way in the distance there, you can see tail lights, the cars taking their time. we're listening to scanners at this point. no chain laws or traction laws, but that could change. take a look at this map. a weak storm system is dropping out of the northern rockies. it will graze colorado over the next 24 hours.
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snowfall to the state. it will also bring a drop in our temperatures to wrap up your work week. i want to show you a tool. hopefully you have our free weather app. you can get radar. one limitation to any radar, notice no snow where i am here in vail pass. sometimes radar can't see light mountain snow. but i assure you there is snow. help you man out ur meteorologist chris spears, cbs4 news. police now investigating several possible hate crimes in aurora. they have all happened since the election. we'll tell you what the city is doing tonight to address the community's concerns. >> and a huge air tanker that's based in colorado is ready to help fight forest fires like the raging one in tennessee, but it's not allowed to. we'll explain why coming up. >> as you just saw, a little
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elevations. this is a weak system moving our way. we'll get snow showers, little light snow for the mountains. this is the one we're talking about. it's going to drop down and drop into colorado. and snow right here in denver. >> and we continue to follow our breaking traffic news. northbound i-25 closed at downtown denver because of a multi-vehicle crash. you can see the emergency crews and huge rush hour there are no serious injuries, but fuel did spill on to the highway. the clean up job is underway.
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happening now, a community meet nothing aurora to address fears about immigrants rights following the election. andrea flores live at aurora's central high school. andrea, so much diversity in aurora make this is a key issue there. >> reporter: it's really
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suggest well underway. they're offering resources for immigrant and refugee families and just to give you an idea of how diverse this population is. you can see here they have offered translator head phones in arabic, somali, burmese, just to name a few. community leaders from across aurora are coming together thursday night to provide support for the refugee and immigrant population. >> we were hearing from our were feeling worried and nervous and stressed. >> reporter: doctor mara kalin says many are on edge following the recent election. >> some people were reporting incidents of being harassed, victims of hate speech. >> reporter: in the last few weeks, an aurora family was targeted not once but twice by a bias-motivated crime. >> they taped a note to the
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back, kkk. >> reporter: as a response to the unrest, doctor kalin decided to organize aurora together to answer questions for those who aren't sure where their rights stand. >> many of the refugees that have resettled in colorado come to aurora. we have a large latino population and just people from all over the world. >> reporter: mental health and school officials will also be on site. dr. kalin says more than 133 public schools alone. >> aurora is an incredibly diverse community. >> reporter: and the meeting ends at 7:30 tonight. there's still plenty of time to get down here. the meeting started just a few minutes ago. if you have questions or concerns, they can provide information. you can find information on our website, right now, a massive
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at its base in colorado springs. just gate back from israel where it battled wildfires that were threatening homes. this supertanker and its boss hope to help out at the fires in tennessee next. >> we have reached out to the governor. my fellow tennesseans are hurting. >> it sounds great. the problem is the supertanker cannot fight fires on u.s. final government contract is approved. time to check in with ed greene as winter has its eyes set on us. >> it really does. i think next week really going to be talking about it. right now, we have clear skies over colorado today. we have the system up here in the north that's going to push down and give us more snow showers. we have light snow on the mountains right now. we have clearing going on right now.
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we see that surge of moisture move on. this is 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. you see boulder county -- being that close, i think we could see a couple of snow showers move this way. it dries out and your weekend looks nice. border to border, we see sunny skies. sunday, 2:00 in the afternoon and there's not a cloud in the sky. we could see a high nearing 50 degrees. we're looking at this with a little more cold way. we also see high pressure. good news for the northeast. all the tornadoes, gone. the sunshine did return for the clean up. but this cold air is coming our way and the origins of this is in siberia, so it's very cold air. you see the cold air? you see it also just lancing colorado. we'll be on the edge of it, but
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16 and 23 were the lows. 35 and 19 our normal and 76 and 6 below the records for this date. 43% humidity, a rising barometer and a nice shot from steven johnson today. and steamboat this morning. temperatures tonight will be mostly in the teens. temperatures in the teens and 20s. for tomorrow, cool it with 20s, 30s, a few 40s history over. we'll see 20s for the higher elevations, 20s and 30s to the west. let's take a look at your denver forecast for tonight. increasing clouds, 21 and 19. few shower. for the next several days, good warm up for your weekend. 42 saturday, 48 sunday with lots of sunshine.
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tuesday. why will it be snow instead of rain? high temperature is going to be [ indiscernible ] degrees. what a no-brainer. >> to go from one pac 12 win last year -- a growing list of things they've done this year that they haven't done
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,, time now for the ford sports desk brought to you by the best selling trucks. three days from game day and trevor siemian still in a walking practicing. broncos have not ruled him out, but clock is ticking on trevor having any chance on playing against the jaguars. today, joe dicamellow said -- from the kick return for a touchdown to the muffed punt, it was bad. and broncos still almost
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>> he must have went to mass that morning and said his hail maries and everything. i mean 29 years now, i've never seen one go through like that. i didn't sleep a lick. i didn't sleep one bit. it was a rough night and, you know, my kids were all in, my family was there. it was a malik jackson told denver media this week he had no regrets leaving for more money, but also admitted it's been an adjustment, from 4 titles in denver to last place. >> definitely been hard. i think i lost more games this one season than in the 5 play nothing the league. it is what it is. it's the circumstances we're under.
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it sucks that we're 2 and 9 right now -- 2 and 8? >> reporter: 2 and 9. >> 2 and 9. you see us getting better and we're soon to peak, but we still want to get w's. walter camp named national coach of the year today. a long list of accomplishments already by cu this year that the buffs have not done in while. first bowl game since 2007. first 10-win season since 2001. first division title since 2005 and buffs looking to added to the list of first since with their first conference title since 2001. >> there's been a lot of those sinces in this season. we don't pay attention to that. we just go out there and play. after the season, we say oh, my
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season. if the buffs win, would you rather seen them play alabama in the playoff or see them in the rose bowl game against a big 10 game? judge malmurray has rebounded nicely. so nicely that he was named western conference rookie of the month of november. tiger woods back in acti months. a great front 9 that included 4 birdies as tiger was briefly tied for the lead. but then it was a tough closing stretch with double bogeys on two of his final three holes. overall, not too bad. woods finished with a 1 over par 73. >> i just made some really -- look at it, really silly mistakes, mistakes i don't normally make.
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while. >> question now, see how he holds up over a 4-day tournament. a figure for the buffs, as the years go by, hire coaches that we can call coach mack. they always seem to be coaches of the year. president-elect donald trump spent the day celebrating. >> and what a scene. two drivers wrestle it out on the side of a road. a strange case of road rage, but it
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we continue to follow that breaking traffic news. a closure on northbound i-25 in downtown denver. traffic is now backed up all the way from 23rd avenue downtown to the tech center. this is a live pre tech center cam. the big back up there, all the red lights, that is northbound i-25. and those drivers, once they get to 23rd avenue, have no place to go. they're getting funneled off the highway. a crash involving two cars and a semi caused fuel to spill on the road. a recount of nearly 3
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green party presidential candidate jill stein is behind the move not only in the badger state, but also michigan and pennsylvania. donald trump narrowly beat clinton in the three states. but it's not expected to bring enough votes to change the outcome of the election. mr. trump celebrated a deal that's going to keep jobs in indiana. the carrier air conditioning plant was planning on moving to mexico, but this deal will keep 1,000 tonight donald trump in cincinnati, the first stop in his thank you tour. cbs4's kenneth craig there right now. we know mr. trump just announced an appointment, james mattus for defense secretary. >> reporter: he made that announcement right inside this arena just a few minutes ago in front of a crowd of thousands


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